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Fire alarm and no one cares

In Auckland we where booked into Nomads. Which just is a lot of beds on 6 floors with little space in between. The kitchen is on the 7th floor. While I was up there...


Auckland III – Devonport

Today I ventured over the water over to Devonport. A small town on the other side of the harbour. The peninsula it is located on has four features. * The small village that is...


Auckland at night

Well what is there to say? Even in Auckland the sun sets sometimes. The humans get afraid. Next they light lots of candles and think that those are pretty. You thought I was starting...


Auckland II

Today I wanted to go for one of the walking tours. But I was a little bit late so nobody was there. Therefore I strolled around the warf a little bit and reviewed the...


Auckland I

I was way to early for check-in at the Haka Lodge where I stayed in Auckland when I arrived there. I was offered to stay in the lounge until they where done cleaning. Instead...

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