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Day at a spa.

Today we mostly spent at a spa some way outside of town. Lucky for us we got a ride there with the hotel shuttle. This way we did not have to get there by...


Further on to Ibusuki

Kagoshima was just a stop on our trip. The real goal was a ryokan in Ibusuki. To make it a bit lighter on the shoulders we left some of our luggage in the hotel...


Travelling day. Flying to Kagoshima

Todays order of business was to get from Naha to Kagoshima. Unfortunately the direct flights where all but booked out we are now on a connecting flight via Osaka. Yes back the same way...


Along the west coast of Okinawa

Today’s trip reminded us about the impact of the US invasion of Japan. Okinawa in particular. The weather was great. Sunshine with a sprinkling of dark clouds accompanied by gusts of wind. The first...


Visiting Naha

The morning brought rain. And not just a small drissle but cats and dogs. Then it stopped and started pouring again. As we left the hotel at 9:30 it had stopped raining again. First...


Trip to Okinawa

Today not too much happened. Our goal was to change locations and get from Osaka to Okinawa. To do that we met up quite a bit later than usual and took the monorail to...


Arashiyama and Kyoto old Town

This time a bit later we started off to Arashiyama. Less for the shrines which are available in abundance but for the bamboo forest. So let’s try get onto a train on the second...


Kyoto day one

Early day today and a forecast of sun, sun and sun again. Breakfast as usual hearty. Then taking the train to Kyoto. Here a short stop T a Konbini as two did sleep through...

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