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No more german posts

This blog used to be written in English and German. Unfortunately I don’t manage to do that any longer. Therefore I switched this over to English only.


Down down into the hole we go

Today was a pay or get bored kind of day. The place we went to was in the middle of nowhere and the reason we went there are some caves that are inhabited by...


Change of plans

Today I was supposed to meet up with the group from Salzburg to have a nice home cocked lunchn at Valdos mums, do some more training and then catch a bus to Jakobina. After...

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Food poisoning

This post is a little bit sad and not at all about a nice topic. So you might want to skip to the next post. After I came back to my hostel I went...


Training in Salvador

We were supposed to meet up at half past five to go to and train with a local group. What I had failed to ask was where it was actually supposed to take place...