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Driving through the Catlins

As I stayed longer in Dunedin the group I was travelling with was new again. (Well apart from a few faces I already knew from the KiwExperience busses.) Our driver came a little bit...


A village called “Bulls”

Today was more of a move the people from point A to point B kind of trip. Our only memorable stop was in Bulls. A small town that incorporated its name into the unofficial...


Day trip to Argentina

This time I booked a tour to go to the waterfalls. I figured it would be easier and faster to get over the border and back that way and I wouldn’t have to exchange...


Flight from Brasília to Foz de Iguaçu

This time the flight was in daylight and I had a layover in Sao Paulo. It was another GOL flight. So not much in terms of entertainment or snacks. But even though I didn’t...


Salvador to Brasília

Moving time again. And again I’m getting a lift to the airport by my german friends. The car they rented is absolutely packed. As the drop off point was not at the airport, but...


Trip to Mangue Seco

So for today a trip to Mangue Seco had been planned. This little Peninsula got famous through a book by Jorge Armado whose adaption as a telenovela was shot here in 1996. Even if...


Flight to Salvador

This time the taxi ride was almost a no brainer as I had to get to the international airport to get my flight. Fortunately there was a taxi waiting at the first taxi stop...

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