Monthly Archive: August 2015


Projeto TAMAR

Praia do Forte used to be a village mostly dependent on fishing and hunting. The only other source of income where some plantations that weren’t very environmental sound as well. That started to change,...


Bathing excursion to Praia do Forte

One of the “attractions” in Praia do Forte are the shallow pools one can visit at low tide. They are pretty much a natural bath tub. The water is warm and there are no...


Praia do Forte

The next town over from Itacimirim is Praia de Forte. This town lives and breathes tourism. Even if only 30 years ago it took a whole day to get there from Salvador. And you...


Visiting Mangue Seco

Having just arrived at the place we were already approached by a guy that wanted to sell us a buggy tour in the dunes. Funny part about is: There is only one company selling...


Trip to Mangue Seco

So for today a trip to Mangue Seco had been planned. This little Peninsula got famous through a book by Jorge Armado whose adaption as a telenovela was shot here in 1996. Even if...



So I moved to Iticimirim. This time it wasn’t a hostel but a pousada where I had my own room. Why there? Because my friends Bernhard, Michaela and Lisa-Marie stayed there for their 4...


Pictures of Pelourinho

I was about to move today and I hadn’t taken the time to take some pictures of Pelourinho. So I was a little bit behind and had to get at least a few for...


Change of plans

Today I was supposed to meet up with the group from Salzburg to have a nice home cocked lunchn at Valdos mums, do some more training and then catch a bus to Jakobina. After... Partridge; 0

Food poisoning

This post is a little bit sad and not at all about a nice topic. So you might want to skip to the next post. After I came back to my hostel I went...


Training in Salvador

We were supposed to meet up at half past five to go to and train with a local group. What I had failed to ask was where it was actually supposed to take place...