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Day trip to Argentina

This time I booked a tour to go to the waterfalls. I figured it would be easier and faster to get over the border and back that way and I wouldn’t have to exchange...


Parque das Aves

Right next to the visitors center of the national Park there is a birdpark where you can watch birds from around Brazil. Some are in big volieres you can walk in. Others are here...


Waterfalls in Iguaçu national park

The way to the visitor center was not to hard to find. Even though the best way is to go there by bus and there isn’t a timetable or anything else at the bus...


Flight from Brasília to Foz de Iguaçu

This time the flight was in daylight and I had a layover in Sao Paulo. It was another GOL flight. So not much in terms of entertainment or snacks. But even though I didn’t...

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