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Whalewatching second try

Because we didn’t get to see any real whale action when I went the first time I got a call from the skipper the next day. He invited me to go out with again....


Sapiranga and a snake

One of the tours you can book in Praia do Forte is marketed as a fun adventure with kayaking and ziplining. What they don’t advertise that much is that the whole event is located...


Whalewatching in Praia de Forte

One of the “new” ways to make money is by going out to take tourists whalewatching instead of hunting them. To make the whole trip not just about the tourists they always take some...


Castelo Praia do Forte

On the hill overlooking Praia do Forte is the ruin of Casa da Torre de Garcia D´Ávila. An old stronghold. Built in 1551 by the portuguese family that used to rule the area. All...


Projeto TAMAR

Praia do Forte used to be a village mostly dependent on fishing and hunting. The only other source of income where some plantations that weren’t very environmental sound as well. That started to change,...


Bathing excursion to Praia do Forte

One of the “attractions” in Praia do Forte are the shallow pools one can visit at low tide. They are pretty much a natural bath tub. The water is warm and there are no...


Praia do Forte

The next town over from Itacimirim is Praia de Forte. This town lives and breathes tourism. Even if only 30 years ago it took a whole day to get there from Salvador. And you...

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