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Jogos mundias – World Championship

The last few days where filled with the world championship of the group I train with. Which meant waiting, doing something, back to waiting. And long nights. The only exciting thing next to the...


Back to Rio

For the trip back to Rio I got together with two girls from Austria and a guy from Mexico. As the girls had left their luggage in their Pousada (a wise decision as the...


From Rio to CEMB

As my trip to Brazil was not only about sightseeing I had to leave Rio and get to my next destination the Centro Educational Mestre Bimba in Cachoeiras de Macacu by bus. The bus...


Day 7 in Rio РJardim Bot̢nico

Today’s destination was the botanical garden and Ipanema and Copacabana. The driving force was Tilda a french doctor who was on her way from an internship back home to start her residency and her...


Rio day 5 – Mirante Dona Marta

Today I was on my own again and I decided to do some more of the walking stuff. This time I wanted to go to Mirante Dona Marta. This viewpoint is located more amidst...


Fourth day in Rio – Cristo Redentor

Another beautiful day in Rio asked to be explored. This time my companions from yesterday wanted to do the walking tour and maybe walk up to Cristo Redentor afterwards. Unfortunately this would have been...


Third day in Rio – Sugarloaf Mountain

That night I had to share my room with four very good looking nice women for the second time. Two of them twins from France and the other two ongoing teachers from Germany. (Hi...


Escaderiea Selaron

The Escaderiea Selaron is a work of art by the chilenian artist Jorge Selarón. He put over 2000 colorful tiles on the stairs in front of his house. As this took a lot of money...

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