Monthly Archive: September 2015


A night with the Maori

Tonight be had the chance to sleep on a reconstructed Maori village (with a few addons) and eat some hangi (dish cooked in the earth). After a more informal greeting by our hosts we...


A visit to Hobbiton

After we had a cider in the local pub and a good nights sleep in a nice lodge the next planned stop was Hobbiton. Or at least the place where the Hobbiton scenes of...


Down down into the hole we go

Today was a pay or get bored kind of day. The place we went to was in the middle of nowhere and the reason we went there are some caves that are inhabited by...


Cathedral cove

After hotwater beach we had an appointment with cathedral cove. Which in the end is another hole in the rock. The kayaking tour had been cancelled because of forecast thunderstorms. So whoever wanted to...


Hotwater beach

The first part of the day was filled with driving through the Coromandel peninsula running for the tide at Hotwater beach. Hotwater beach got its name because of some faults pushing hot water to...


Fire alarm and no one cares

In Auckland we where booked into Nomads. Which just is a lot of beds on 6 floors with little space in between. The kitchen is on the 7th floor. While I was up there...


A blown tire

After the shocker with the child in the water the drive back to Auckland was all the excitement we had to expect for the rest of the day. The trip was supposed to be...


Daytrip to Cape Reinga

The day started early with a different bus for our trip to the northern most point of New Zealand – Cape Reinga. The other bus was necessary as we went on a drive over...


Kauri Trees

Kauri trees are the biggest trees in New Zealand. Not the highest. The trees where massive (40-50 meters high with a diameter of 5 meters) and almost everywhere in the North Island as it...

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