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Tongariro Crossing

This is one of New Zealand’s famous walks. It does only take a day so in summer you do it on your own. Well as on your own as you can be with 3000...


Evening cruise on Lake Taupo

One of the less expensive things you can do in the Taupo area is an evening cruise up to some Maori rock carvings. A little bit disappointing was the choice of the vessel as...


Wai-O-Tapu and Rainbow Mountain

The trip that was pushed so I could join went first to some pools whith boiling mud and then to Lady Knox Geysir. IT has a natural eruption cycle of 18 to 72 hours....


A visit to Hobbiton

After we had a cider in the local pub and a good nights sleep in a nice lodge the next planned stop was Hobbiton. Or at least the place where the Hobbiton scenes of...


Down down into the hole we go

Today was a pay or get bored kind of day. The place we went to was in the middle of nowhere and the reason we went there are some caves that are inhabited by...


Whalewatching second try

Because we didn’t get to see any real whale action when I went the first time I got a call from the skipper the next day. He invited me to go out with again....


Sapiranga and a snake

One of the tours you can book in Praia do Forte is marketed as a fun adventure with kayaking and ziplining. What they don’t advertise that much is that the whole event is located...


Whalewatching in Praia de Forte

One of the “new” ways to make money is by going out to take tourists whalewatching instead of hunting them. To make the whole trip not just about the tourists they always take some...

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