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On to the south

After arriving in Queenstown most people stay there for a few nights to explore the capital of adrenalin. The only adrenalin I was interested in was to see if I could get back my...


Fuller River and Pancacke rocks

This time the morning was filled with activities for all those that wanted to spend some more money. I for my part had decided that I wanted to go on a Jetboat and try...


Nelson Lakes to Westport

New driver – Lisa. For some reason she had two more passengers on board than on the manifest. Usually not that big of a problem: Fess up and she adds you on on the...


A village called “Bulls”

Today was more of a move the people from point A to point B kind of trip. Our only memorable stop was in Bulls. A small town that incorporated its name into the unofficial...


Tongariro Crossing

This is one of New Zealand’s famous walks. It does only take a day so in summer you do it on your own. Well as on your own as you can be with 3000...


Evening cruise on Lake Taupo

One of the less expensive things you can do in the Taupo area is an evening cruise up to some Maori rock carvings. A little bit disappointing was the choice of the vessel as...

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