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Salvador to Brasília

Moving time again. And again I’m getting a lift to the airport by my german friends. The car they rented is absolutely packed. As the drop off point was not at the airport, but...


Pictures of Pelourinho

I was about to move today and I hadn’t taken the time to take some pictures of Pelourinho. So I was a little bit behind and had to get at least a few for...


Change of plans

Today I was supposed to meet up with the group from Salzburg to have a nice home cocked lunchn at Valdos mums, do some more training and then catch a bus to Jakobina. After...


Training in Salvador

We were supposed to meet up at half past five to go to and train with a local group. What I had failed to ask was where it was actually supposed to take place...


At the beach in Barra

Today was going to be a more relaxing day. We – that’s the female contingent from Salzburg plus her Brazilian boyfriend and me – were going to the beach in Barra. So up to...


Pelourinho and Berimbaus

In Pelourinho I met up with some people from Salzburg. Aside of the two ladies I already had the pleasure of enjoing the taxi ride to Rio with, there where Sonja (and her brasilian...


Flight to Salvador

This time the taxi ride was almost a no brainer as I had to get to the international airport to get my flight. Fortunately there was a taxi waiting at the first taxi stop...

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