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Flight from Brasília to Foz de Iguaçu

This time the flight was in daylight and I had a layover in Sao Paulo. It was another GOL flight. So not much in terms of entertainment or snacks. But even though I didn’t...


Pontão do Lago Sul

One of the more scenic places in Brasília is a park at the artificial lake surrounding the city. The lake has actually an important role for the people working and living here as the...


The official Brasília

Today’s trip was to see the Niemeyer buildings at the area the ministries are located at. Among other things there is a museum telling the story about how Brasília was conceived as well as...


Brasilía at dusk

As we had a car loaned to us we w were able to drive into town on our own and we were not dependent on public transport. Which is not suitable for sightseeing in...


Torre TV digital

This building a little bit outside the capital. Even by Brasília standards. It was finished just a few years ago but it did exist in the original blueprints of the city none the less....


Salvador to Brasília

Moving time again. And again I’m getting a lift to the airport by my german friends. The car they rented is absolutely packed. As the drop off point was not at the airport, but...

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