Last day in Oban and back to Bluff

As I had only two nights on the island my ferry back to the mainland was leaving at 3 o’clock.

Which left me the morning to explore. This time I went to the south-east along the harbor to a place where blue penguins are nesting on the island.
Wrong time of the day to see the obviously.
On my way there I did pass some interesting places. The cottage you can see on the photos was built by Lewis Acker. An american whaler who lived here with his family but had to leave when the USA declared their independence. The house itself is the oldest european building on Stewart Island. After Mr. Acker was made to leave it was used for different purposes. Last as a smithy. Now it is protected heritage site. The location with the bay in front of it precious.

The boat sheds you can see are not only to keep boats in a dry place but where also batches. Some of them with glass railings and such.

The ferry ride back to the mainland was mostly smooth sailing and I got to see the other part of the anchor chain as well.

From here I was the only person on the transfer bus back to Invercargill.


To earn my money I am virtually kicking computers until they behave so people can show off their webpages. To spend my money I make photographs whenever I travel. To make those more memorable I decided to travel for 6 month in the southern hemisphere.

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