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Arashiyama and Kyoto old Town

This time a bit later we started off to Arashiyama. Less for the shrines which are available in abundance but for the bamboo forest. So let’s try get onto a train on the second...


Kyoto day one

Early day today and a forecast of sun, sun and sun again. Breakfast as usual hearty. Then taking the train to Kyoto. Here a short stop T a Konbini as two did sleep through...


Osaka with showers

Today’s forecast was rain. So the official program was changed and shortened. So we went back into Osaka proper with our new 3 day passes and had a look through the mall at Namba...


To Osaka with the Shinkansen

Today we moved our base over Osaka. Which lead to a ride with the legendary Sinkansen. So what would it be like to travel with one of these legendary trains. For one it is...


From old to new Tokyo

After the long day yesterday I was a bit worried that I would not be able to wake up early enough to get breakfast and be in time. The time we were supposed to...


First day in Tokyo

Actually only half a day but who wants to have some extra nuts? So our first task was to use the new Pasmo cards and get from the airport to our hotel in Asakusa....


Trip to Tokyo

Let’s try to document another trip. This time to Japan. After getting up as if I’d go to work early it was time reach the train to my first airport. As Usual with Deutsche...

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